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Indra The AI Buddy Tutor  Friend  Coach  Student  Co-worker Everywhere You Go


What is an AI Companion?

An AI companion is your personalized guide, tutor, co-worker, assistant and confidante, all rolled into one, powered by cognitive AI.

Why do we need an AI Assistant?

AI can handle all these tasks, but people are still unsure where to begin with

Efficiency Gaps

A vast amount of time goes into searching for insightful and apt data which others might already possess.

Loss in productivity

Due to lack of personalization the information obtained by the learners is not specific to their requirement which in turn lead to loss of productivity.

Increasing Stress

Loneliness, lack of interaction and overwhelming work can lead to anxiety and stress which needs some guidance and problem solving to ease to the problem.

Preserving Insight

When individuals depart from groups or communities, their invaluable perspectives and knowledge go with them, leaving behind knowledge gaps.

Easing Learning Curves

Updating learners, students or individuals with new standards and guidelines can be a challenging and lengthy process.


Explore this AI Companion for Various Usecases

Your daily study partner

Your daily study partner

Get help with anything from instant answers, personalized support to round-the-clock availability. Indra is your key to efficient, stress-free self-study.

Your everyday query solving buddy

From early morning tasks to late-night concerns, and even when you need a fast mood boost, Indra keeps you prepared by simply having a conversation.
An AI companion is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An AI tutor assisting educators and teachers

Make education exciting with Indra. It helps educators by creating accurate and innovative content with ease and simplifies complex topics for students, reducing their homework stress within minutes.

An AI assistant for onboarding to offboarding

Your company’s modern workforce assistant increases productivity by 50% and reduces employee stress, resulting in faster growth with well-structured knowledge.

Explore this AI Companion for Various Use Cases

Explorer this Genius coworker

01 The Stress Reliever

Indra is your dependable stress-relief partner, if you're feeling lonely or just a chat away.

02 The Motivator

Your go-to mentor when you're feeling overwhelmed with work or studies pertaining to complex topics.

03 The Eager Learner

Indra loves learning and absorbs your questions and documents like a sponge.

04 The Educator

Indra manages all your data and provides you with an instant answer to help you grow and be more productive.

05 The All-Purpose Assistant

Indra assists with content creation and handles all your inquiries, concerns and doubts.


Benefits of using Indra

Indra your day-to-day buddy from work to home

Reduce Internal FAQs

Indra maintains data of frequently asked FAQs providing rapid and accurate answers to the users, facilitating information exchange, and increasing internal efficiency. This has led to a 60% reduction in the time spent on repetitive queries.
Reduce Internal FAQs
Structured Knowledge
Structured Knowledge
Indra organizes and maintains knowledge in a structed manner from various apps and platforms, making it easier for users to find and utilize relevant information to increase efficiency and productivity.
Acknowledge Faster
Ask it anything and it shall solve your queries within minutes by providing you with real-time access to internal and external knowledge. Thus, increasing users’ efficiency in problem solving by 60%.
Acknowledge Faster
Upskill User
Upskill User
Indra supports continuous learning and development by offering personalized training and guidance, helping learners acquire new skills and stay up to date in their roles.

Features of Indra


Understands and adapts to individual preferences, providing customized support.


Effortlessly tailors its functionalities to meet the changing needs of individuals.


It studies the user's moods and stress levels and suggests empathetic problem-solving solutions.


A superintelligent companion, utilizing cognitive AI to create structured knowledge to get faster solutions.


It continuously learns and improves with real time information, or the data uploaded by the users and through the FAQs asked.

Accurate Data-Driven Info

Indra provides secure access to extensive databases, enabling confident, data-backed decision-making.


Integrations with popular tools, platforms, and apps

Integrate tools you use on daily basis like Slack, MS Teams, e-mail notifications, CMS, and many more with Single Sign-On any time while using Indra

Indra Ai

An AI Assistant that is personalized and filled with empathy


What Clients are Saying

Questions & Answers

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Indra is compatible across various platforms and devices thus helping you to get instant feedback anywhere anytime.
We take your privacy seriously and only you can see your data. It helps companies set certain restrictions and customize Indra as per their privacy policies.
Indra can be integrated into any LMS or LXP for users in an organization to use it on daily basis.
Indra is designed to cater to everyone, from individuals to educators and corporate professionals.
Users might want to know about the availability of customer support, including response times and methods of contact.
Many users inquire about the availability of a mobile app for accessing Indra’s services while away from their desktop.
People are curious about the technology and algorithms used by Indra to provide personalized assistance.
Indra learns from our feedback and FAQs. It updates its knowledge every single minute with data uploaded internally and real-time data access from the internet.